content_movingIt’s been a rough three weeks and we’ve all spent way too much time inside.  If you happen to be contemplating a move, you can actually make the best possible use of your snow days and do the following:

#1. Store items that you want to keep around for another season but won’t be using in the next 6-8 months.  Awesome local company that can help if you don’t want to deal with storage on your own:

#2. Sell items that you know you have no interest in keeping but that are in great condition and may appeal to others. Try,  or peruse any local consignment shop

#3. Donate items that you either have no time to sell or feel like the effort to put into selling won’t net you a healthy enough sum. Check out, your local Good Will donation center, or any number of charities that do sidewalk pick up: Veterans Associations, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Association for The Blind, Salvation Army etc, etc.